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You want bigger, higher-quality yields plus profit. And Proven Seed delivers. With leading edge technology and the widest selection of advanced seeds available, we perform to the highest standards - yours.

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Proven Seed is backed by the largest retail-managed field trial program in Western Canada- the Proven Performance Trials. Our experts work with hundreds of growers to combine scientific and in-the-field expertise. The results? Our seed delivers performance where it counts.

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Assessing new varieties at summer tours

Comparing apples to apples. That’s the benefit of attending summer tours that highlight new varieties. Tours are often the first chance farmers have to see how new varieties are performing head-to-head.

“Summer tours are a good time for farmers to get out and have a look at the new varieties, how they are performing in their local area, and how they compare to the varieties they are currently growing,” says Jim Anderson, research agronomist with Nutrien Ag Solutions at Calgary, Alberta.
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