PV 60075 RIB

It’s not just early, it’s strong

PV 60075 RIB is a high-yielding VT Double Pro® RIB Complete® corn hybrid that brings the strength and expertise of Proven® Seed to the western Canadian corn grower. Perfect for the grower needing early maturity grain plus fast dry down, PV 60075 RIB pushes through tough spring conditions to deliver top grain quality. With a strong agronomic package, this new corn hybrid boasts strong roots and stalks to ensure harvestable grain and corn success in Western Canada.

Also available with RR protection.

Yield (% PV 60075 RR)


Heat Units


Season Suitability

Early Maturity



Goss' Wilt


European Corn Borer


Source: 2016/2017 CPS Local Performance Checks- 5 locations, 20 replicates

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