Canola, PV 530 G, PV 531 G, PV 533 G

August 27, 2015. As the Proven Performance Trial canola crops approach maturity, it’s a good time to assess different hybrids for general plant architecture, standability and relative maturity.

Throughout Central Alberta, Proven Seed canola hybrids PV 530 G and PV 533 G have clearly demonstrated a superior level of standability, which Rebecca Wiebe, Manager of Agronomic Services (MAS) for Central Alberta, says makes them top-of-their-class.

“Those two hybrids, along with PV 531 G, have a very good upright stature as compared to other branded hybrids seeded in the same field, including  VR 9562 GC and VR 9561 GS,” Wiebe says. “They are also out-standing the competitor check varieties.”

MAS for Southern Alberta, Norm Flore, adds that the distinct upright characteristic of PV 533 is due to a shorter and more robust plant architecture. This feature can significantly improve ease of swathing, contributing to more acres swathed per day. In terms of maturity, he says that PV 530 and PV 533 appear to be a day or two longer than the check varieties.

“It’s critical to evaluate seed colour change rather than overall crop colour when assessing hybrids for maturity,” Flore says. “PV 531 is showing earlier maturing characteristics and appears to be three to four days more advanced than the other two hybrids. This makes it an excellent choice for canola growers in the shorter growing seasons such as the Alberta foothills.”

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PV 530 G
PV 530 GIMG_0453

PV 533 G



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