Canola, VR 9562 GC

July 16, 2015. Aside from yield results, regular scouting of the trial fields is the most important part of the Proven Performance Trials program. Collecting and comparing observations allows agronomists to note visual differences between varieties as well as examine individual plants for differences in height, tillering, flowering stage, disease, presence of lodging and general stand vigour.

Timely comparisons throughout the growing season allow Proven Seed experts in the field to understand which varieties may perform better during adverse summer conditions, such as the hot, dry weather across the Prairies this year. This type of insight is important to our CPS retailers and their customers as they’re deciding on seed varieties for the following year.

Proven Agronomy Lead Gary Sollid says leaves are the engine of the canola plant and it’s important to check your engine. “Having a strong engine means the potential to rev up the yield is high,” says Sollid. “I recently observed a very large solar panel on a VR 9562 GC napus canola plant in eastern Saskatchewan almost 14-inches long and 8-inches wide.”

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”Research, development and innovation is the heart of our work. It’s where we start and it’s how we continually improve and expand our seed offering. Our extensive R&D program includes dedicated researchers committed to providing consistent, high-quality seed products that meet the needs of growers across Western Canada.”

-Ryan McCann, Director – Seed, CPS Canada

Proven Where It Counts

Proven Performance Trials is the largest seed variety comparison program in Western Canada – the most varieties, of the most crops, across a diverse set of geographies. We put our seed to the test by working with hundreds of cooperators to ensure that our seed performs best where it counts – on large scale, producer-managed fields.

Discover how the Proven Performance Trials will help you in your 2018 seed decisions.


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