Corn and soybeans

July 30, 2015. Across the corn and soybean Proven Performance Trials, CPS agronomists monitor crops for tasseling and pod development. Positive signs are being observed throughout southern Manitoba. Wilt Billing, Proven Seed Product Line Manager for Corn and Soybeans, says corn has tasseled in many areas of the region and, with the help of some timely showers, conditions appear to be ideal.

“Showers are important two weeks prior to, and during, the pollination period to maximize yield potential.”

Corn is sensitive to dry conditions during pollination because the lack of moisture can reduce the pollination period. Each kernel has a single silk and the pollen grain travels down the silk to fertilize the kernel. The first silks to appear are from kernels at the base of the ear and the last are from the tip. During dry conditions, silks may not appear in time to be fertilized which results in barren ear tips and a condition called tipping back.

“I’m also seeing that soybean pod development is well underway, which is a good time to compare maturity differences between varieties,” Billing says, adding that “pod development at the top of the plant in July is a good indication of early maturity. Later maturing products will have flowers on the top half the stem.”

Now is also a good time to compare hypocotyl length. A long hypocotyl will ensure the lower pods are harvestable and yield is not left in the field. Warm conditions during emergence and early growth stages promote longer hypocotyl length but selecting varieties with longer hypocotyl length will ensure fewer pods are left in the field at harvest.

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