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Sep 03, 2015. Harvest has begun for many growers and as such, the final assessment of success in cereal varieties. There are a number of factors that lead to results in the field. Yield is important, but so is grain quality.

CDC Titanium, a new CWRS variety from Proven Seed, is proven to provide both quantity and quality. Not only does it yield well, CDC Titanium is early maturing and has a strong disease package with midge tolerance and the highest fusarium resistance rating of all available midge tolerant varieties. Together, these attributes help provide a wheat harvest that is less stressful as samples are taken for grading.

Scott Anderson, Manager of Agronomic Services for Northwest Saskatchewan, says in many cases CDC Titanium has been the first crop harvested, often two to three days earlier than other spring wheat.

“This is a benefit that farmers don’t often consider when choosing a variety, but is top of mind when harvest approaches,” says Anderson. “The grain samples from this new variety have been very good – growers who have tried it as part of the Proven Performance Trials seem excited to include it on their farm for next year.”

CDC Titanium has a significant presence in the Proven Performance Trials this year, with more than 40 twenty-acre trials across Western Canada, to compare this new variety to the current registered wheat varieties.

Titanium post flowering

Maturity difference of CDC Titanium (right)

Maturity difference of CDC Titanium (right)

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-Ryan McCann, Director – Seed, CPS Canada

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Proven Performance Trials is the largest seed variety comparison program in Western Canada – the most varieties, of the most crops, across a diverse set of geographies. We put our seed to the test by working with hundreds of cooperators to ensure that our seed performs best where it counts – on large scale, producer-managed fields.

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