Durum, CDC Fortitude

Aug 13, 2015. In terms of environmental conditions, Proven Performance Trials cereal crops have been put through their paces this year. Our cereal lineup is backed by strong breeding and we can see the advantages of having proven genetics in the field firsthand. We are testing varieties that are showing tolerance to disease and insects, while still maintaining excellent potential yields.

New to the market is CDC Fortitude. This variety is currently showing great potential for widespread use due to the special properties it has to offer. CDC Fortitude is a solid stem durum, with an R-rating for leaf and stem rust. This strong disease package allows growers to concentrate on protecting yields with timely fusarium fungicides.

Kevin Poole, CPS Manager of Agronomic Services for South Central Saskatchewan, says this year, lower levels of fusarium infections have been seen in durum around Regina.

“I feel this is due, in part, to environmental conditions, but also working with growers to maximize on the timing of their fungicide applications,” Poole notes, adding that growers have been happy with many of the Proven Seed cereal and canola varieties in the area. “With such a strong breeding program and having many varieties that offer the best protection in the industry, Proven Seed genetics are proving themselves in all areas.”

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”Research, development and innovation is the heart of our work. It’s where we start and it’s how we continually improve and expand our seed offering. Our extensive R&D program includes dedicated researchers committed to providing consistent, high-quality seed products that meet the needs of growers across Western Canada.”

-Ryan McCann, Director – Seed, CPS Canada

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Proven Performance Trials is the largest seed variety comparison program in Western Canada – the most varieties, of the most crops, across a diverse set of geographies. We put our seed to the test by working with hundreds of cooperators to ensure that our seed performs best where it counts – on large scale, producer-managed fields.

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