Proven Performance Trials

July 02, 2015. The 2015 Proven Performance Trials are in full swing and it’s expected to be a record year for the program with more canola, cereals, soybean and corn trials than ever before. With challenging spring weather conditions, including late frost, some trials are off to a slower start.

The 2015 data will be compiled from over 200 seeded trials across the Prairies. Proven Seed is dedicated to putting our seed varieties and hybrids through rigorous testing so that we can share the performance results that matter most to growers.

“Not often can I see a varietal difference this early. Good or bad, the Titanium is bigger right now!” observes Lyle Cowell, Manager of Agronomic Services for North Eastern Saskatchewan.

The Proven Performance Trial program is designed to generate observations just like this. These observations, and eventually yield results, will be compiled over the duration of the season on a variety of crops and growing conditions. This insight provides the Proven Seed team and CPS retails with even more information on new varieties to share with our farmers when helping to make seed decisions.

Our seed is proven where it counts, in your fields, under your conditions, with local performance trial highlights available here weekly.

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”Research, development and innovation is the heart of our work. It’s where we start and it’s how we continually improve and expand our seed offering. Our extensive R&D program includes dedicated researchers committed to providing consistent, high-quality seed products that meet the needs of growers across Western Canada.”

-Ryan McCann, Director – Seed, CPS Canada

Proven Where It Counts

Proven Performance Trials is the largest seed variety comparison program in Western Canada – the most varieties, of the most crops, across a diverse set of geographies. We put our seed to the test by working with hundreds of cooperators to ensure that our seed performs best where it counts – on large scale, producer-managed fields.

Discover how the Proven Performance Trials will help you in your 2018 seed decisions.


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