PV 12s007 RX2 NEW

Flexible weed control for Southern Manitoba

PV 12s007 R2X adds the strong herbicide control of Roundup Ready 2 Xtend® to the Proven Seed soybean lineup. With strong
performance and aggressive growth, this tall, branchy soybean is well suited to wide-row production in heavier soil types in the
Red River Valley and reduced tillage production.


Relative Maturity


Heat Units


Seedling Vigour

Very Good



Plant Height


White Mould


Iron Deficiency Chlorosis


Source: 2017 Nutrien Ag Solutions Local Performance Checks- 6 locations, 18 replicates

ALWAYS READ AND FOLLOW PESTICIDE LABEL DIRECTIONS. Roundup Ready 2 Xtend® soybeans contain genes that confer tolerance to glyphosate and dicamba. Agricultural herbicides containing glyphosate will kill crops that are not tolerant to glyphosate, and those containing dicamba will kill crops that are not tolerant to dicamba. Contact your Monsanto dealer or call the Monsanto technical support line at 1-800-667-4944 for recommended Roundup Ready® Xtend Crop System weed control programs. Roundup Ready® 2 Xtend Crop System is a registered trademark of Monsanto Technology LLC, Monsanto Canada Inc. licensee. ©2017 Monsanto Canada Inc.

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