PV 560 GM

Harvest flexibility

The Pioneer Protector® HarvestMax technology supports the newest straight cut option in the canola line up. Bred for pod shatter reduction and even maturity, PV 560 GM is a Genuity® Roundup Ready® high yielding napus canola hybrid that can be swathed or straight cut. Introduced with limited quantities, PV 560 GM suits the long and mid growing zones of Western Canada and is a great option for producers to manage fall workload and crop maturity timing.



High yielding, shatter resistant

Yield (% PV 540 G)


Maturity (days)


Standability Rating (1-5, 5=FLAT)


Standability Class


Height (cm)



Strong MR

Fusarium Wilt


Data from 2016/2017 CPS Local Performance Checks – 23 locations, 30 trials, 90 replicates

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