PV 760 TM

A TruFlex™ Canola with Roundup Ready® Technology with pod shatter reduction traits allowing growers to have the flexibility at harvest to straight cut or delay swathing. PV 760 TM brings a wider spray window and application rate flexibility helping growers maximize yields in all geographies in Western Canada.


Blackleg resistant, Straight cut or swathing options

Yield (% DEKALB® 74-44 BL)


Standability (1-5, 5 = FLAT)


Standability Class


Flowering (days)

+1.5 days later than DK 74-44 BL

Maturity (days)


Pod Shatter Score

Equivalent to DK 75-65 RR

Height (cm)




Fusarium Wilt


Source: 2019 Nutrien Ag Solutions Local Performance Checks – 9 locations, 27 replicates

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