PV 61079 RIB NEW

Strong performance in tough conditions

PV 61079 RIB is a early flowering VT Double Pro® RIB Complete® corn hybrid that exhibits consistent performance across multiple environments and growing conditions. This high performing 79 Corn Relative Maturity (CRM) hybrid is an exciting addition to the Proven® Seed lineup. Fast to dry down, it’s an ideal grain corn for Manitoba’s Red River Valley. Top-end yield and strong stalks make this hybrid strong enough to handle Western Canada’s tough growing conditions.

Yield (% PV 60075 RR)


Heat Units


Season Suitability

Early-Mid Maturity



Goss' Wilt

Average Tolerance

European Corn Borer


Source: 2017 Nutrien Ag Solutions Early Season Local Performance Checks – 2 locations, 8 replicates

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