PV 61180 RIB

PV 61180 RIB brings high yield and improved agronomics to the western Canadian corn market. This new yield leader with good stress tolerance is suitable for our tough western Canadian growing conditions. Good disease tolerance, fast dry down and advanced intactness completes the package of this exciting hybrid. PV 61180 RIB is an option well suited to the 75-80 Corn Relative Maturity (CRM) growing zone across Western Canada.

Heat Units


Relative Maturity



Silage, Grain, Grazing

Seedling Vigour


Root Strength


Stalk Strength


Drought Tolerance


Plant Height


Test Weight


Rating Scale: E=Excellent; VG=Very Good; G=Good; P=Poor

Source: 2019 Nutrien Ag Solutions Local Performance Checks

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