0% Haymaster Grass
All Grass
50% AC Rocket Smooth Bromegrass

20% Barolex Tall Fescue

20% hps® Meadow Bromegrass

10% Blizzard Orchardgrass
All grass blend

Can persist in low or poorly drained areas
Good summer production

Good blend for first cut hay and winter stockpile
Equimaster Hay
All Grass
40% AC Knowles Hybrid Bromegrass

25% Blizzard Orchardgrass

15% Greenleaf Pubescent Wheatgrass

20% Grindstad Timothy
All grass blend

Flexible cutting times for high quality and digestibility

Very good regrowth
Better forage quality than Smooth Bromegrass

Better yield, quality and harvest flexibility than Meadow Bromegrass

Multiple cut/grazing options
15% Dualmaster
Dual Use
55% AC Knowles Hybrid Bromegrass

20%Greenleaf Pubescent Wheatgrass VR

15% Total Alfalfa

10% Barolex Tall Fescue
Hay and pasture use Improved forage quality and regrowth

Early cut for hay or defer for fall pasture
60% Haymaster Dairy
High Quality
90% PV Parlour HG

10% Blizzard Orchardgrass
Excellent forage quality

Orchardgrass has good summer growth
Developed specifically for highly productive soils

Increased digestability and relative feed value
Haymaster Professional
High Quality
95% hps® Premium Blend Alfalfa

5% Climax Timothy
For producers requiring a small percentage of grass

Contains our elite alfalfa blend
High forage quality, traffic tolerance and winter hardiness in one package

Good adaptation for moist black and irrigated soils
hps® Haymaster II
High Quality
90% hps® Regular Blend Alfalfa

10% Grindstad Timothy
Good two-cut blend

Economical blend
Adapted to the moist black and grey wooded soil zones
Haymaster Beef
All Purpose
60% VR Total Alfalfa

30% AC Knowles Hybrid Bromegrass

10% Grindstad Timothy
Good two-cut persistent hay blend

Excellent for cow/calf producers

Traffic tolerant alfalfa with enhanced disease resistance
Hybrid bromegrass offers superior regrowth and forage quality

Offers yield, quality and harvest flexibility
Haymaster Limited
All Purpose
60% PV Ultima Alfalfa

40% hps® Meadow Bromegrass
Two-cut, persistent hay blend

Traffic tolerant alfalfa with high disease resistance
Excellent regrowth and quality
Haymaster Ultimate
All Purpose
60% Spredor 5 Alfalfa

40% AC Rocket Smooth Bromegrass
Very persistent blend that maintains high yield

Spredor 5 alfalfa offers very good persistence, yield and quality
Most adaptable blend
Haymaster Dry
60% hps® Regular Blend Alfalfa

30% AC Rocket Smooth Bromegrass Kirk

10% Crested Wheatgrass
Very durable blend

Good drought tolerance

Economical blend
Timely moisture can allow regrowth for dormant season grazing

Seed percentages (%) are expressed based on the seed weight in the blend, not the percentage (%) component in the forage stand. Nutrien Ag Solutions reserves the right to substitute any Master Blend component. Products and proportions of Master Blends are subject to availability and may change without notice. All products listed are trademarks of their respective companies.

Proven Seed Pasture Master Blends are selected for hardiness, yield, regrowth potential, forage quality, salt and traffic tolerance.

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