Proven Seed Performance Promise®

Establishing productive forage stands in the Canadian Prairies can sometimes be difficult. The line of forages from Proven Seed offers top quality forage varieties stringently tested under local conditions to help minimize risk. Growing Proven Seed means growing with confidence and success in establishing a productive forage stand.

The Proven Seed forage experts believe cover crops are detrimental to forage establishment. Growers who plant cover crops are encouraged to do a comparison of their own by simply leaving a check area without the cover crop planted to see the establishment benefits.

Top managers use top quality seed and skillful management practices to start it right. However, even the best managers can’t control Mother Nature. By investing in Proven Seed, your investment is protected by the industry’s leading guarantee – the Proven Seed Performance Promise. This warranty provides growers with the opportunity to replant failed forage plantings at half of the original invoiced cost.

Specific eligibility requirements for the Proven Seed Performance Promise are highlighted in the warranty form. The Proven Seed Performance Promise only backs proprietary Proven Seed forage varieties. Contact your local Nutrien Ag Solutions representative, or call our Forage Help Desk at 1-800-661-3334.


The hps® Brand

Developed for our forage seed products, the hps® brand means several things:

  • The seed in every bag of hps® forages is covered under the best warranty in the industry – the Proven Seed Performance Promise.
  • hps® forages seed conforms to the rigid purity standards that apply to all Proven Seed proprietary forage seed – less than 10 weed seeds per 25g. The Canada Seeds Act maximum for common seed is 75 seeds per 25g.

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