PV Profits

The PV Profits

The PV Profits program is back and bigger than ever – giving you savings on the seed and inputs you know and trust.

New this year the PV Profits program now includes corn, canola, soybeans and cereals making it easy to book seed and save on your other inputs. Match your seed acres with fertilizer, seed treatments and crop protection and build your rebates and rewards.

The PV Profits program gives you the option to create an innovative solution on every acre of your farm. Through our extensive proprietary product offering, you are rewarded on crop protection purchases made before the first seed is planted until after the last seed is harvested.

The PV Profits program is the only program that provides you with the tools and flexibility to manage any challenges you face. With even broader resources and capabilities, we are more equipped than ever to help you transform today’s vision of possibility into tomorrow’s profitability.

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